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Merlin Software has developed powerful software packages for use with eBay.  They can save time and money with bidding tools and search tools designed to find under priced auctions.  You'll never have to leave feedback by hand again.  You can even spruce up your desktop with your favorite comic strips.  We do custom projects as well, specializing in software that interfaces with eBay.

AuctionMagic                                8.2.193 

Online auction bidding software lets you bid on eBay auctions automatically in the last few seconds so other users don't have time to try to outbid you.

Updated October 17, 2017



InstantFeedback                           2.4.78

Automatic feedback posting software leaves eBay feedback for users when its been left for you, and can send out thank-you emails or feedback requests.

Updated February 9, 2018



CounterOffer                                  1.0.19

Automatic counter-offering software for Best Offers auctions watches for new offers on your auctions and can accept or send counter-offers. Raise sales 30%+ with quick responses.

Updated June 9, 2017



JustDeals                                       2.2.77

Buy-it-now searching software continuously watches eBay for new buy-it-now auctions, immediately alerting you when new auctions are found below market value.

Updated July 2, 2017



TitleCheck                                       1.2.10

Duplicate auction search software prevents eBay suspensions when a seller accidently lists duplicate fixed price auctions.

Updated October 7, 2017



Funnies                                            3.0.9

Comic strip software changes your windows desktop wallpaper to your favorite daily comic strips throughout the day, and can put them all into a single web page.

Updated January 11, 2017



Free Software

Utilities available for free. This software was created  to solve problems we've run into and make things easier, and may be useful to others.

Updated January 25, 2011



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