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Merlin Software has developed powerful software packages for use with eBay.  They can save time and money with bidding tools and search tools designed to find under priced auctions.  You'll never have to leave feedback by hand again.  You can even spruce up your desktop with your favorite comic strips.  We do custom projects as well, specializing in software that interfaces with eBay.

eBook to Images                               1.0.0

Converts text based eBooks into images. For people without MP3 players with text or eBook support, but can view photos, this will convert a book into a series of images. Native support for Sansa e200, or specify sizes for any player.

Updated January 25, 2011



mp3Split                                           0.9.1

Splits MP3 files into smaller segments.  This comes in handy for long audio book tracks or podcasts, especially if you have a player that doesn't support bookmarking or resuming.  Drag and drop files and folders into the simple interface.

Updated August 24, 2006



MP3Duration                                     0.9.0

Calculates the playing time of your music collection. Add your music/podcast/audiobook folders and the total playtime is displayed. Brag that you can play music for monthes without repeating a track. Supports MP3s and WMAs.

Updated October 29, 2007



VMware MAC Changer                 1.0.1

Autmatically create unique MAC addresses. Using VMware 4 or 5 virtual machines, if you need an image on multiple PCs with software on them requiring a unique MAC address this will modify your settings file to create one at random.

Updated October 29, 2007


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